10 Surfing Slang Terms Every Surfer Should Know

Surfing has a rich culture and vocabulary that includes many unique slang words and phrases. Some of the most common and interesting slang words used in the world of surfing include:

  1. Barrel: a hollow part of a wave where the surfer rides inside the tube
  2. Grom: a young surfer who is just starting out
  3. Kook: a derogatory term for a beginner surfer who doesn't know proper etiquette or technique
  4. Stoke: a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for surfing
  5. Wipeout: falling off the surfboard while attempting to ride a wave
  6. Shaka: a hand gesture often used to greet other surfers, meaning "hang loose"
  7. Sesh: a surfing session
  8. Dawn patrol: an early morning surf session
  9. Drop-in: when a surfer takes off on a wave in front of another surfer, violating the proper wave-riding etiquette
  10. Reef rash: skin irritation or abrasions caused by contact with the coral reef while surfing

These are just a few examples of the many slang words used in the world of surfing.

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