8 Eco-Surfboard Brands Shaping Sustainable Surfing

Among the front-runners in the sustainability movement are the passionate members of the surf community, who have always been at the forefront of ocean protection. Yet many surfers remain unaware of the significant negative impact that surfboards can have on the environment; the main component of conventional surfboards, polystyrene, takes hundreds of years to decompose. However, many businesses are actively seeking solutions to combat waste and promote sustainability. In this article, we will explore eight eco-friendly surfboard brands that excel in terms of performance, aesthetics, and innovation.


ONDANOVA is a surfboard brand that originated in Spain with a mission to combine high-performance surfing with sustainable practices. The brand was founded by professional surfer Aritz Aranburu, who recognized the need for eco-friendly alternatives in the surfing industry. ONDANOVA is known for its commitment to using recycled and eco-friendly materials in their surfboards. They incorporate bio-based resins, recycled EPS foam cores, and sustainable wood veneers. ONDANOVA's boards are renowned for their durability, performance, and unique aesthetics. The brand's dedication to sustainability and innovation sets them apart in the surf industry.


FLAMASURF is a surfboard brand hailing from Australia, known for its revolutionary use of recycled materials. The brand was established with a vision to create eco-friendly surfboards that perform exceptionally well. FLAMASURF utilizes recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cores, bio-based resins, and recycled fiberglass in their manufacturing process. Their commitment to recycling waste materials and reducing carbon emissions has garnered attention in the surfing community. FLAMASURF's boards are recognized for their lightweight feel, responsiveness, and eco-conscious construction.


SPOKED KOOKS is an Australian surfboard brand that combines sustainability with artistic expression. The brand's roots lie in upcycling discarded and damaged surfboards, giving them a new lease of life through creative repair and redesign. SPOKED KOOKS incorporates recycled materials, such as foam and fiberglass, in their repair process, minimizing waste and promoting sustainability. Their surfboards feature unique and eye-catching artwork, making each board a one-of-a-kind piece. SPOKED KOOKS' commitment to recycling and creativity sets them apart as a truly special and environmentally conscious brand.


WYVE is a French surfboard brand that embraces eco-friendly materials and innovative design. The brand was founded by a group of surfers and designers who aimed to create surfboards that combined performance with sustainability. WYVE utilizes bio-sourced resins, recycled EPS foam cores, and natural fibers like flax and hemp in their board construction. Their surfboards are recognized for their excellent performance characteristics, including responsiveness and durability. WYVE's dedication to sustainable materials and their sleek, modern designs make them a standout brand in the eco-surfboard market.


EARTH TECHNOLOGIES is a surfboard brand based in the United States that prioritizes eco-conscious materials and manufacturing processes. The brand's mission is to create high-performance surfboards while minimizing their environmental impact. EARTH TECHNOLOGIES incorporates bio-based resins, sustainable wood veneers, and recycled foam cores in their board construction. They are known for their expertise in combining traditional craftsmanship with modern eco-friendly techniques. EARTH TECHNOLOGIES' commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation makes them a sought-after brand for environmentally conscious surfers.


TIMBERSURFCO is a surfboard brand that specializes in handcrafted wooden surfboards. The brand originated in California and has gained recognition for its beautiful and sustainable board designs. TIMBERSURFCO utilizes locally sourced and sustainable wood, such as paulownia and cedar, to create their surfboards. The craftsmanship and attention to detail in their wooden boards result in unique aesthetics and exceptional performance. TIMBERSURFCO's commitment to using renewable resources and their passion for woodworking set them apart in the surfboard industry.


ECO SURF HAWAII is a Hawaiian surfboard brand known for its dedication to creating environmentally friendly surfboards. The brand aims to minimize waste and promote sustainability in every aspect of theiroperations. ECO SURF HAWAII utilizes a variety of eco-friendly materials, including recycled foam cores, bio-based resins, and natural fibers. They prioritize sourcing materials locally and implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

ECO SURF HAWAII is renowned for its collaboration with local artists, who contribute unique and vibrant designs to their surfboards. Each board becomes a canvas for artistic expression, creating visually stunning and environmentally conscious creations. The brand's commitment to sustainability, combined with their Hawaiian heritage and artistic collaborations, makes them stand out in the eco-surfboard landscape.


LOCUS SURFBOARD is a surfboard brand based in Portugal, dedicated to sustainable surfboard manufacturing. The brand's journey began with a passion for surfing and a desire to create boards that minimize environmental impact. LOCUS SURFBOARD incorporates recycled EPS foam cores, bio-based resins, and natural fibers like cork and bamboo in their board construction. Their surfboards are known for their exceptional performance, durability, and unique aesthetics.

LOCUS SURFBOARD's commitment to eco-friendly materials is matched by their dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each board is handcrafted with precision, ensuring the highest quality standards. The brand's combination of sustainable practices, performance-driven designs, and Portuguese craftsmanship make them a standout choice for environmentally conscious surfers.


PREDN SURF CO is a surfboard brand based in the United States, founded with the goal of creating eco-friendly surfboards without compromising performance. The brand focuses on utilizing recycled and sustainable materials in their board construction. PREDN SURF CO incorporates recycled EPS foam cores, bio-based resins, and natural fibers like hemp and flax in their manufacturing process. Their surfboards are celebrated for their excellent performance, offering surfers a blend of responsiveness and sustainability.

PREDN SURF CO's commitment to sustainability extends beyond their surfboards. They actively participate in beach clean-ups and environmental initiatives, aiming to preserve the oceans they love to surf in. The brand's dedication to sustainable materials, performance-driven designs, and environmental activism sets them apart as a socially and environmentally responsible surfboard brand.


GAIA CREATORS is a surfboard brand that embraces innovative eco-friendly materials and processes. Based in Europe, the brand focuses on using bio-based and recycled materials in their surfboard construction. GAIA CREATORS incorporates bio-resins, recycled EPS foam cores, and natural fibers in their manufacturing process.

What makes GAIA CREATORS truly unique is their exploration of alternative materials such as algae-based foams and recycled plastics. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of sustainable surfboard technology is matched by their dedication to craftsmanship and performance.

GAIA CREATORS is known for their sleek and modern designs, offering surfers both aesthetics and functionality. The brand's emphasis on cutting-edge sustainable materials and their drive for innovation make them a standout choice for environmentally conscious surfers looking for high-performance surfboards.

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