The Benefits of Coiled vs. Straight Surfboard Leashes

When it comes to surfboard leashes, you have the option to choose between coiled leashes and straight leashes. Each type has its own set of benefits, and your choice will depend on your personal preferences and the type of surfing you do. Here are the benefits of coiled and straight surfboard leashes:

Coiled Leashes:
1. Reduced Drag: Coiled leashes are designed with a spring-like coil that keeps the excess cord out of the water, reducing drag and minimizing the chances of the leash getting tangled or snagged on underwater objects. This can be particularly advantageous in larger surf where drag can affect your performance.

2. Maximum Freedom of Movement: The coiled design of these leashes allows for maximum freedom of movement. The compact coil stays out of your way and doesn't drag in the water, enabling you to make quick turns and maneuvers without any leash interference.

3. Compact and Tangle-Free: Coiled leashes are generally more compact and easier to handle compared to straight leashes. Their coiled nature helps prevent tangling, which can be beneficial in situations where you need to quickly get on your board without any hassle.

4. Great for Flat Water Activities: Coiled leashes are particularly popular for flat water activities such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) or longboarding. The compact design keeps the leash from dragging and catching on the water's surface, providing a smoother experience.

Straight Leashes:
1. Increased Length Options: Straight leashes are available in a wider range of lengths compared to coiled leashes. This allows for more flexibility in choosing the appropriate leash length based on the size of your surfboard and the conditions you're surfing in.

2. Ideal for Strong Waves: In more powerful and heavy surf conditions, straight leashes are often preferred due to their increased strength and reduced risk of stretching or snapping. They can handle the higher forces generated by bigger waves.

3. Minimal Tangling on Foot: While any leash can potentially tangle around your feet, straight leashes have a lower chance of tangling due to their linear design. This can be beneficial for surfers who prefer the feel of a straight leash and want to minimize any potential tangling issues.

4. Easier Board Retrieval: Straight leashes are generally easier to grab and pull your board back to you in the water. The lack of coil stiffness allows for a straight, direct pull, making it simpler to retrieve your board after a wipeout or when paddling back out.

Ultimately, the choice between a coiled or straight leash depends on your personal preferences, the type of surfing you do, and the conditions you typically encounter. It's recommended to try both types and see which one feels more comfortable and suits your style of surfing.

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